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Control Switches
Autonics provides an extensive range of control switch products for wide user options. Our products promise to raise control efficiency of industrial devices with superb handling and outstanding durability.

Push Button Switches
Push button switches are general switches for operation of control circuits and are widely used in various industrial applications.

Selector Switches
Selector switches are changeover switches which are used to control applications requiring automatic/manual conversions or visual indication.

Key Selector Switches
Key selector swiches are changeover switches optimized for applications requiring safe and secure control.

Emergency Switches
Emergency switches are used in the event of an emergency during various control processes, and must be returned manually.

Pilot Lights
Pilot lamps are light sources used to monitor and visually distinguish various control or operation status of applications.

Various switch accessories are available from Autonics, including switch contact blocks, switch boxes, emergency switch nameplates, and more.

The buzzer informs the situation by making a sound. There are magnetic buzzers and piezo buzzersdepending on the structure that making a sound.