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Global Network
Autonics manufactures and distributes global standard products to over 100 countries worldwide, through our 11 overseas operations and countless distributors across the globe. Our management is heavily invested in global marketing and we will continue our efforts to bring enhanced productivity for customers at every corner of the world.
Middle East & Africa
If you are in country outside of any Autonics branches, please feel free to contact our Autonics Global Marketing Headquarters.
Các quốc gia khác
Autonics Iran sales office has been established in Tehran, Iran in 2017 to accommodate the rapid growth of industry and the growing demand for quality automation devices in the Middle East and Africa. In addition to expanding the sales network in the Middle East, Autonics Iran will act as a bridge between our headquarters in South Korea and our customers in Europe and Africa.

Autonics Corp. Iran Representative Office
Unit 18, 4F, No.38, at the Corner of 11th St, Bokharest Ave, Argentine Sq, Tehran, Iran
 (98) 21-8872-7251~2